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Creators of leading edge voltage and current sensing technologies

Electrical SAFETY instruments for personnel & vehicles

Instruments to measure AC, DC and pulsed voltage, current and other electrical parameters

Instruments for monitoring, logging, metering, protection, control, alarms, communications

Providers of electro-technical services to the electrical industry, specialising in electrical SAFETY


Electrical SAFETY Solutions

Electrical SAFETY Test Instruments including HV/PT2, HV/PA, Phasing Sticks etc

HV SAFETY related product families

Electrical SAFETY Training

SURETECH Instruments

Current Sensors for AC

Voltage Sensors for AC

Current and Voltage Sensors for DC

Resistance sensors for Insulation & Earth Continuity monitoring systems

Smart Load Processors

Test generators and power sources

Technical Literature

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SURETECH Instruments eNews 2013 July [250kBytes PDF file]

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Power utilities, telecommunications, municipalities, mines, railways, iron & steel, smelters, off-shore, manufacturing and big industry; universities & technikons, etc…