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Background to SURE Engineering CC

The company originator and owner Neil Jeffrey has had forty years experience in electrical power systems, electronics management, design and manufacturing including:


Instrumentation design, development and manufacture of analogue and digital hardware, mechanics and packaging, micro-controller hardware and embedded real time software, Digital Signal Processing and PC based software & systems


Electric power utility working environments include electricity metering & traffic systems, telecommunication & telemetry systems, protection systems, system control centre and SCADA systems, load control systems such as voltage reduction, ripple and radio control systems; power stations and generation plant, high voltage transmission lines, equipment and networks; medium voltage distribution equipment and networks, including underground cables, fault location, sub-stations, etc.


Electronics development environments include detailed design, systems design, project management, consulting and management of electronics projects. We specialise in solving real world problems with innovative and cost effective approaches by taking a design through a feasibility stage, user requirement stage, systems specification and design, detail design, design for production, component acquisition, sub-contracting, manufacture and delivery.


End user approval and accreditation: we are a small company that uses ISO9000 principles in the practice of structuring our working environment. The choice of our suppliers and component manufacturers is very important to us, as well as relying on a structured documentation infrastructure


Present company direction is the creation, development and manufacture of new range of innovative high voltage and current instrumentation products. With expansion of low cost electrification systems throughout the developing world, our SURETECH products are key to providing low cost value engineered solutions for these projects

Picture above: Neil looks a little greyer lately


If you would like to know what Neil thinks about the present financial crisis that we are enduring, then read his blog

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